And we’re back…

Aloha loyal fans! Ms. Paleobetes in back in action…albeit this time she’s pretty far off the wagon. For the time being you probably won’t see very many recipes for homemade ketchup and Chickfila sauce, and possibly a few more recipes for “no-no” items like these scrumptious hot cocoa cupcakes (the trick: make your hot cocoa from scratch) and the Pioneer Woman’s out-of-this world chocolate French silk pie (beware: it calls for raw eggs, so I used Eggbeaters and kept it properly refrigerated before serving).

But hey, life is about moderation, and sometimes a banana split for dinner is the best way to end a vacation.


Hey there 2014 – I’m ready to give you the best me, and I’m taking this blog along for the ride.

Happy new year!


One thought on “And we’re back…

  1. Welcome Back! I missed you.
    That banana split was worth every calorie. Great way to start the new year.
    On to blended green drinks.

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