wow, has it really been 2 weeks since my last post? I feel like my adoring fans must have been waiting patiently for more paleobetes! Unfortunately, other exciting plans such as ski vacations and bachelorette parties have kept me away from the keyboard. But I’m back, kiddos!

Here are some tips and tricks I have utilized lately, and that I will continue to use after the 30-day trial (which ends today! what what!)

1. Salad miracle workers: nuts like pecans and almost add the same crunch as croutons, without the carby processed nastiness.

2. Salad dressing delights: did you know that there are flavored olive oils and balsamic vinegars? I encountered this little gem of a shop, Mountain Town Olive Oil, while vacationing in Park City, Utah. I tasted all the lovely flavors then purchased the Grapefruit White Balsamic Vinegar, and it is just delightful.

3. Craving a trip to your favorite burger joint? My trick has been to order a burger with guacamole (paleo-friendly condiment. woo!), then take off the buns. I order a big ol’ side salad to try to compensate for the lost fries. It is most of the burgery deliciousness without the stomachache and roll-out-the-barrel-of-fullness.

4. Breakfast: adding a spoonful  of paleo-friendly salsa (read the label, y’all) at the end of the egg-scrambling for a little extra flavor. Ole!

5. I like water. But I get sick of it quickly. Every day I brew a pitcher of iced tea and keep it in the fridge, ready for flavor and caffeine cravings.

I will let you know as I think of more exciting paleo tips and tricks. Enjoy!


One thought on “tip-a-roo

  1. Steph, Thanks for taking the time to write this wonderfully funny blog. I loved reading every word. You have real blogging talent.

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