As promised, I made this paleo-friendly Chickfila sauce this morning. And it is fantastic. As a condiment connoisseur, I would say it more closely resembles a honey mustard than actual Chickfila sauce, but it is seriously yum-o. Run, don’t walk, to your pantry and assemble this creamy concoction. You will thank me later.

Last night I braved the world outside my kitchen for happy hour at the Peabody ($1.50 wine Wednesday!) and dinner at Papapia’s (half-price wine bottles and $5 pizza). I survived! And I didn’t cheat! It is truly a miracle.

When I ordered a (gasp!) salad without cheese or dressing at dinner instead of the fab $5 pizza, my friends were shocked. Shocked! And proud. I ordered a house salad with greens, peppers, cucumbers, and tomatoes and topped it off with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, and pepper. I had planned ahead and eaten a lot of turkey before I left home to curb hunger and get my protein fill, but I’m sure the restaurant would have happily added meat to my salad upon request.


I’m very thankful that wine is paleo-friendly, so I have a guilt-free excuse to be social and catch up on much-needed girl chat. I also noticed that halfway into my second glass of wine I started to get that giggly happy feeling that can only mean one thing: Stephanie should not drive home tonight. Does clean eating turn you into a lightweight? This may be something I will have to test again this weekend, for the sake of science, of course.


One thought on “socializing

  1. Steph, you are an inspiration. I will let you know how I fare at the Mexican restaurant tonight.
    Drinker beware – Alcohol seems to work faster when you practice Paleo eating.

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