Her Royal Heinz-ness

One of my lovely fellow paleo-ers (shout out to Katherine, my favorite titanium woman!) posted this link on our bible/support group/guidebook website, explaining the timeline for symptoms of these 30 days. Now, prepare yourself, dear reader, for what I’m about to disclose. You may want to sit down.

So far, I haven’t experienced any negative symptoms. None.

Whoa. Shocking, right?

I’m still waiting for the irresistible urge to down the biggest Diet Coke I can find, but it hasn’t hit me yet. Yours truly, the Queen of Chickfila, the woman known to spend $20 in cheese in one grocery outing, is doing just fine. In fact, I’m happy.

Per John’s recommendation, I bought two high-cacao dark chocolate bars to keep on hand in case of an emergency, insatiable sweet tooth. Those two bars are still tucked tightly into their $3 wrappers.

I’ve felt full after every meal. I’ve made a variety of foods to keep life interesting. And, most importantly, I’ve found great condiment options to vary up the flavors even more.
For example:

  • Well Fed’s paleo mayo. So easy to make as long all the ingredients are room temperature to start. And it tastes/looks exactly like Kraft/Hellmans preservative-filled deliciousness.
  • Balsamic vinegar + olive oil for salads. Add this with a little salt, pepper, and garlic to any greens for a quick, fresh side.
  • As I’ve discussed before, Wholly Guacamole is my new best friend.
  • Well Fed’s Ranch dressing. I botched this by adding too much garlic, but it still adds great flavor by spooning just a drop on top of baked asparagus or green beans.
  • This ketchup. I trust that Ryan nailed the recipe, but unfortunately I did bad math and botched the execution. I had to divide the recipe because I only had one can of tomato paste, but I forgot to divide the amount of vinegar. Thus, my ketchup looks a little runny and tastes, well, vinegary. But it is good enough for now.

And, now, I present to you the above-mentioned saucy superstars:

photo sauce

For my next trick, I will turn the magic of Chick-fil-a sauce into a paleo-friendly delight. Stay tuned, friends!


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