holy (guaca)moly!

Confession: I don’t love to cook. In a world where so many people have dedicated countless hours of sweat and tears to preparing packaged foods, who am I to laugh in their faces by passing by their creations and saying “I can do it better!” That seems a bit cocky to me, right?

Well, unfortunately the paleo geniuses disagree with my “Pay homage to Kraft-ConAgra-Campbell’s workers” theory and expect me to cook pretty much everything I put in my body. It is going to be a long thirty days of slaving over the cutting board and stove, so I am actively searching for any “cheat” foods I can find.

If you, fine reader, have been blessed with the lazy bug like me, you’ll be happy to know that, only four hours in the paleo lifestyle, I’ve discovered a cheat! Holy moly – it’s Wholly Guacamole!


As you can see, everything on the ingredients list could be pronounced by a first-grader, and it contains no grains, corn, added sugar/corn syrup, or any other paleo no-nos. And best of all, it is delicious and fresh.

I bought this 4-pack last week at Costco for about $8, and you can freeze it to make it last longer. They also sell individual packs at regular grocery stores and Target.

Three cheers to the geniuses at Wholly Guacamole!


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