Here we go


I’m Stephanie. I am 20-something-Cuban-Southern-happy-lawyerly-orange-bleeding. I have had Type 1 Diabetes for 8 1/2 years (more about that to come). After spending the weekend with some of my favorite diabetes bloggers/superheroes, Kerri and Jordan, and 200 other people living with and loving people with Type 1, I was inspired to try this out. This weekend, coupled with the new (scary! exciting! but mostly scary!) adventure I’m about to embark on is the perfect excuse to try to write something that you (kind reader) might want to follow.

What is this scary/exciting new adventure?

As my brilliant reader, you probably have guessed that it involves paleo.


[At least I think it involves paleo. The small glimpse I’ve been given of what I am about to embark on most closely resembles paleo. This blog may be renamed nosugabetes or grossfoodabetes in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.]

It starts with these people:


This is my family, dressed in traditional Cuban-American Tacky Christmas attire. My cousin proudly sporting the “Cisnes Que Naden” sweater is the ring leader of the paleo trial. Being a natural-born salesman, he somehow convinced everyone in the picture, along with a few other lucky victims, to eat more or less paleo for thirty days. Just thirty days. We can do anything for thirty days, right? And doing it as a family will make it easier, right? Who better to serve as cheerleaders for an eating makeover than people who are spread across the country and lead completely different lives?

Oh boy.

So . . . what is paleo?

To me, paleo is cutting out Muddy‘s, Diet Coke, Chickfila, cheese, butter, Nutella, ice cream, Ranch dressing, bread, added sugar, and everything else that brings peace, joy, and happiness to the world.

In other words, eating veggies, fruit, meat, and nuts.

As a condiment queen who could live off Chik’n minis and believes in the healing power of fountain DC, this is going to be H.A.R.D.

I love food. But I love myself, and I love my family even more. And if cutting out the above-mentioned treasures from heaven means that I improve my health while growing closer to these crazy awesome people, well then sign me up. I think.

After all, it’s only thirty days. :-/

[Pretty “Hi” letters © Jessica Hische of Daily Drop Cap.]


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